ARTICLES / Energy Commodities Conference 2017 - Press Release

Feb 14th 2017

Friday 12th and Saturday 13th May 2017, Athens

International Meeting for the Role of the Power Exchanges in the European Energy Market

For the 3rd consecutive year the ”Energy Commodities Conference” of Athens takes place during the 12th and 13th of May 2017, organized by Boussias Communications. The Agenda has been set by the Energy Market itself and it will shed light upon four major subjects:

  • Session #1: Market Coupling in EU: The way Power Exchanges deal with it and the hedging solutions for utilities
  • Session #2: Capacity Market Mechanisms: Developments in various EU countries, signals for Investments in installed Capacity?
  • Session #3: Balkan utilities: The road from the Monopole to a competitive market, an “Odyssey” or not?
  • Session #4: IT for utilities: Powerful trading tools, ETRM systems & Energy Management Platforms


During this year’s event, the role of the Power Exchanges in the region within the frame of Market Coupling, the transmission of LAGIE to Power Exchange according to the western European standards, the ‘Target Model’ guidelines, the ‘NOME’ products of the Greek market, the developments in regards to the Capacity Market Mechanisms as well as the upgraded role of EEX in the region, will be discussed in depth. Moreover for the first time the modern ways which help retailers become more attractive to the end customer will be presented. In addition, state of the art software solutions for energy companies, especially in the field of Energy Management, Data Analytics as well as ETRM systems will be introduced.

In the 3rd Energy Commodities Conference experienced executives from various energy companies as well as organizations have been invited so as to create the fundamentals of an effective public dialogue on the matters which are open in the Greek and Balkan energy markets. They have confirmed their participations, Dr. Ion Lungu President of AFEER (Romanian Association of Electricity Suppliers), Martin Georgiev Head of South Balkans Area, Alpiq Energia Bulgaria, Luis Colasante Group Energy Manager & Head of Economic Research, Sogefi Group, Karoly Matrai CEO Keler Group, Konstantinos Athanasiadis President of ESEPIE (Greek Traders Association), Athanasios Ghikas founder and Μanaging Director of Clarus ESCo, Dr. Sotirios Manolkidis, Vice-President of the Hellenic Regulatory Authority for Energy (RAE), Professor Dr Antonis Metaxas is Managing Partner of M&A Law Firm, Konstantinos Nazos, Head of Market Analysis Section, Department of Energy Management and Trading, PPC, Dr. Vassilis Nikolopoulos, CEO, co-founder, Intelen Inc, Dr. Christos Papadopoulos Regional Director Europe, Energy Exemplar, Theodoros Trachanidis,  Leadership consultant, Founder 9-Ennea and Dr. Nikolaos Frydas, Senior Energy Specialist, World Bank Group (IFC)

This important meeting will be concluded on Saturday, May the 13th, with two specialized seminars for Market’s executives, with the following topics:

Negotiations in the energy sector, lasting five hours with Dr. Andreas Nikolopoulos, Diploma in Negotiations, and 2. HR, personnel selection and international trends, lasting two hours with Jakob Bloch, CEO, Commodity.Jobs.

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Hope to see you in Athens!