ARTICLES / Press Release (5th Energy Commodities Conference)

Apr 13th 2019

E-ntelligence: Participating in the 5th Energy Commodities Conference, 12th June 2019, Athens (Divani Caravel Hotel), Greece.

E-ntelligence ltd, the firm which offers with consistency consulting services to energy companies in SEE, Italy and Turkey since 2013, announces its participation for the 5th year in a raw in the “Energy Commodities Conference” of Athens, on June 2019 the 12th.

E-ntelligence ltd is the responsible partner for the design and the structure of the very successful international meeting about the Energy Exchanges and the energy derivatives. Our main task is to prepare every year an updated Agenda about the Energy Exchanges and the Energy Commodities (Power, Gas, Oil, EUAs), to attract experts from energy stakeholders not only from Greece but also from many European markets and last but not least to promote stateof-the-art IT solutions for energy companies.

Having already a short but rich history of 5 years of activity in this field we believe that we deliver a very useful event which brings closer the Greek energy market with the best practices of other more mature European energy markets. The attendees, who count the last years more than 200 people, admit that they all get excellent updates on their business interests. Since 2014, we steadily invest in the networking of the Greek executives with colleagues from abroad (Balkans, Italy, Turkey, CWE and SEE) and in this way the trust among stakeholders increases, the possibilities for deals of mutual benefit increase as well as the knowledge is being spread to lead us to new horizons for our job.

We invite you to meet us on the 12th June 2019, in Athens (Divani Caravel Hotel), for the 5th international meeting about the regional energy exchanges.

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