CONFERENCES / Energy Commodities Conference 2014

Oct 31st 2014

«Triggering Energy Commodity Market in Greece»

This one day conference aims at contributing to the ongoing discussion about the foundation and establishment of the Greek Power Exchange. This very up-to-date topic attracts the interest not only of the Greek Power sector but also that of the international scene. This becomes clear if we consider that many European utilities, trading firms and brokers are already active in the Greek Energy market and on the Greek Interconnections, while others are already considering of stepping in and investing now that the Greek energy market moves towards a more mature status than in the past.

According to the European Directives about the One and Single Market and the Target Model, Greece has a big challenge ahead of it but also a big great opportunity. The ambitious project of organizing the Greek Power Exchange with the creation of a liquid Forward Market sends the signal that the Greek Economy is becoming more mature, more robust and less risky.

The mechanisms needed for this project will guarantee the smooth participation of any business sector which could benefit from the existence of a Power Exchange. Thus Utilities, Power Producers, Traders, Industries, Big End Customers will have a place under safe transaction mode to hedge their positions or even find investment signals, something that is missing from the Greek economy so far.

This One Day Conference comes to shed light upon all the aspects of this evolution. It will explain why the foundation of a Power Exchange is vital for the economy, it will show how other European countries have taken advantage of their organized power markets, there will be an open discussion about what are the suitable products, who will provide liquidity and who will be able to participate and, last but not least, what are the necessary regulatory measurements to be taken in order to let the energy market move smoothly to the new era.