CONFERENCES / Energy Commodities Conference 2016

May 5th 2017

The Energy Commodities Conference took place in Athens for a second time, on Friday the 13th of May 2016. The event which was organized by Boussias Communication with the valuable contribution of E-ntelligence attracted lots of people from various energy companies from Greece but also other Balkan countries and Turkey.  The great success and its unique agenda in the Greek conference environment turn the Energy Commodities Conference into a tradition, into an Event which the market awaits. The basic benefit is that this Conference offers educational opportunities along the networking ones!

At Divani Caravel Hotel we heard this year about:

  • The experience of EEX dealing in the Greek market and its future plans for the region
  • The establishment of local power exchanges in the Balkan peninsula (Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia)
  • ATHEX Group view on the foundation of the Hellenic Power Exchange and its possible synergies with other local power exchanges
  • Legal issues on the operation of power exchanges
  • Basic characteristics of the DSO role in a modern energy market
  • The valuable experience coming from tariff comparison web sites for electricity end users
  • The necessary catalysts to open up the Nat. Gas market in Greece
  • The basic characteristics of the Target Model and the changes that this will impose in the Greek market
  • The Guarantees of Origin and their liquidity in the European markets
  • Flows and Margin optimization platforms for trading companies in SEE
  • Modern and web based Analysis and Reporting tools

It is self-proved that the Greek energy market can pull into the right direction the whole Greek economy if it sticks on the extroversion path. Events like the Energy Commodities Conference contribute the most towards the goal of revealing the potential that Greek energy companies obtain.