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Business Planning for energy trading and supplying companies

Since 2014 we have prepared business plans for various companies in Greece, Bulgaria, Italy, Turkey and North Macedonia which wanted either to start or to expand their business in the energy sector.

Nevertheless we have consulted other consulting companies (big-4) by drafting their final deliverables to their clients.

We cover both the power and gas trading and supplying sectors. Lastly in some cases we have undertaken the responsibility to implement the prepared by us businessplan. We did it with success and our clients save time and money!

Analytics for the energy markets through Power Bi

We have created a robust IT system for automatic Data Collection either from public sources or local databases and through MS Power Bi we help you create the most efficient visualizations for the right decisions!

Trading desk setup

Let us design your:
– Front office

– Middle office and

– Back office


For power and gas trading activity. Our experience as traders will save you valuable time. Invest this time in trading, not in designing your internal processes. This is something we can do with success.
Ready to use ideas for: Organogram, Systems, Internal processes and risk mitigation pyramids by decision making.

ETRM systems evaluation and training

Since we trade for more than a decade we know exactly what a power or gas trading company needs to see and where exactly risk is hidden. Nevertheless we have personal experience with a variety of in-house or designed by vendors ETRM systems and we know exactly their strengths and weaknesses.
Either you want to buy a solution or you want to build your own WE ARE THE RIGHT PARTNER for you.
Utilize our experience with ETRM systems either by selecting, designing or using one.

Trader’s training and coaching

The trader’s life has no routine. That’s good and we like it BUT in order to be a good trader you need constant training and continuous skills upgrade.
We offer:
– On-site training

– Distant training

Choose the best for you either you are:
– A new comer in the business or,

– An experienced trader who would like to improve the knowledge of a specific business area

Co-organization of the “Energy Commodities Conference”since 2014

It started like a joke and it became the most important yearly meeting of energy professionals in south-eastern Europe. The idea is: “from the experts…to the experts”!

This conference is made by you, the energy expert.

This conference is made for you, the energy expert!


• Result-driven networking opportunities

• Market updates by important market participants

• Worth-attending workshops by senior consultants www.energycommodities.gr